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Hi, I am Dr. Robbins. I practice BioSafeDentistry in Exton, PA.

BioSafeDentistry is a biocompatible dentistry, no metals, no heavy metals, no mercury fillings, silver fillings. We don’t use fluoride because fluoride is very toxic to adults and children.

You are going to see a video of a patient who came in initially, who’s having tremendous problems, health problems in last few years. He started off with lyme disease. He was treated for that. And then he was also treated for hypothyroidism, he was on synthroid.

He was just feeling just marginally better and he took a bad relapse two, three years ago. He started to get symptoms that I see everyday in the office for people who were toxic with mercury fillings because mercury give off mercury into the body and you absorb that.

The three biggest ones are mind fog, leaky gut syndrome and numbness and tingling in hands and feet. And he has all symptoms when he came in. He had tremors, he was complaining about 30 lbs of weight loss in the last 9 years.

So, you are going to hear his explanations after he had a cleaning in the office so we take precautions to try and prevent further exposure to mercury when we do regular cleaning, dental cleaning because that increases the mercury that the patient absorbs.

And you see he felt a little better but he still have pretty heavy symptoms and the we’ll gonna show you later on another video after we had some of the mercury removed. So, watch this video and I appreciate any comments.

Dr. Robbins: I just wanna find out how you were feeling two weeks ago after you had your teeth cleaned?

Patient: Well, I was feeling pretty bad before that but after the cleaning I took a nosedive and I mean I was having all kind of problems, on vision was getting worst, I was forgetting things, forget had to make coffee one day. Balance, I was like falling down almost I was catching myself before I dropped. Fatigue, extreme fatigue. Light sensitivity got worst, like I I shades draw on house I couldn’t I just can’t stand the light. So, yeah everything got worse.

Dentist: Okay okay. And then today before we start the procedure when we give you the
Glutify on jaw, how that seem to work for you?

Patient: I felt better somewhat I mean my

Dentist: Great.

Patient: my brain feels foggy

Dentist: Okay.

Patient: when I pulled up I mean I pulled up here I felt pretty bad, so

Dr. Robbins: I know you just had a long procedure but how do you feel now?

Patient: I mean I feel, I feel better not you know, not fantastic but

Dr. Robbins: Right.

Patient: I feel better when I got here.

Dr. Robbins: Right. Okay, well thank you and we hope you keep getting better.

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