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Hello, I’m Dr. Ronald Robbins BioSafeDentistry in Exton, Pennsylvania.

You might have seen a video about a patient who was very ill and was undiagnosed for many years. He’d seen a lot of Doctors, who couldn’t seem to find out what was wrong with him. He had the classic toxicity issues from Mercury fillings tingling of the fingers, leaky gut or absorption problems. He had mind fog, inability to concentrate.

We  treated him a few weeks ago by safely removing his mercury fillings. You can’t just drill out Mercury fillings or else you’ll get even more sick. We took the mercury fillings out of his mouth on one side of his mouth a few weeks ago.

You’re going to see a video when he came back in and told us how he responded after those mercury fillings were removed.

I would appreciate any comments that you might have about any problems you have, any questions you have. Again, BiosafeDentistry, it’s Dr. Donald Robbins in Exton, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Robbins: So, you’ve had your mercury fillings taken out about three to four weeks ago. Before that you had some medical issues, some physical issues and all. Tell me how you’ve been in the last three or four weeks since some of that mercury’s been taken out? What’s the good news?

Patient: It’s been night and day, actually. My energies increased. I rode ten miles on my bike last Monday, which was unreal, because three weeks ago, I was struggling to do a mile on my bike, I was pedalling like an old man and I got through my ten mile with no issues at all. Even at night I felt okay, I have been doing push ups and pull ups.

Dr. Robbins: Did you feel better?

Patient: My body feels better. I don’t have aches and pains like how my whole body hurt before. Mentally, my brain’s clearing up; I’m starting to think better. I’m getting up in the morning and I’m jumping out of bed. I’m getting back at my routine. Everybody has a routine. Three weeks ago, I wake and I wouldn’t even know how to make coffee.

Dr. Robbins: You look a lot better now, even in this short time.

Patient: Yeah, not quite where I want to be, but it’s there.

Dr. Robbins: but we still have some Mercury also.

Patient: We still have my right side to do. My vision’s clearing up, it’s not 100%, but I have more periods where it’s crystal sharp clear.
Dentist: Your energy’s gotten better.

Patient: I can’t go all day like I used to, but I think that will come back. I’ll have longer periods of energy, whereas before I couldn’t get up a flight of steps and now I’m running from the basement to the second floor with no problems.

Dr. Robbins: You had a lot of Mercury taken out. You had like four large fillings removed over two visits. Your mercury burden has dropped tremendously.

Patient: My thyroid medicines got cut in half, because I was too jacked up taking that second dose and I have a feeling my blood pressure is starting to normalize. Overall, I just know that once I’m done with this completely, I’m going to be feeling great.

Dr. Robbins: That’s great. Thank you very much.

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