drrobbins1Dr. Donald Robbins has had vast experience in many aspects of dental health, dental education and safe dental office practices. He has taught at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and practices fulltime in his general dental practice in the Delaware Valley. As part of a pain management team in Philadelphia, he treated TMJ, facial, head and neck pain patients with innovative pain management care. He has treated patients suffering from sleep apnea with conservative radiofrequency cauterization surgery to improve their closed airways.

Over the last twenty years, Dr. Robbins has advocated “cleaner” dental offices under progressive BioSafeDentistry® principles. BioSafeDentistry is the state-of-the-art dental practice paradigm he developed to protect the patient’s’ overall health during dental care. An example of his protocols is the elimination of mercury (silver) fillings as a material for dental fillings. He uses high-efficiency office air cleaners, in his dental office, to remove the harmful mercury vapors released when old mercury fillings are removed. He also supplies these cleaners to dental offices nationwide through BioSafeDentistry.com .

Protest_03Politically active, he serves on committees trying to abolish toxic materials and chemicals found in typical dental offices. He has fought to eliminate mercury from dental use, from medical vaccinations and from the environment. Because of his awareness of toxic and harmful elements in a dental office, his family practice has attracted many patients who are environmentally and chemically sensitive, and who require more intense

GenLab Use MouthHe is currently conducting research and testing of oral mercury vapor levels in patients to author a scientific paper for publication. In December 2010 he testified at the two day hearing by the Food and Drug Administration in Washington, DC on toxic mercury exposure from silver amalgam dental fillings. In 1994 Dr. Robbins had an article published in the nationally refereed dental journal published by The Academy of General Dentistry. The article documented his review of the literature and investigation of the then current diagnosis and treatment of human herpes viruses. He currently writes articles for the Dental Page on the website of the nationwide Autism Research Institute (www.autism.com). They are sponsors of Defeat Autism Now (DAN) conferences around the country.

He has authored two books (see “Author” page), the latest being The Toxic Dental Office available on the web (www.biosafedentistry.com) and in bookstores.

Dr. Robbins founded and directs The Dental Training Center in Exton, PA, a school licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. His Dental Assisting Program helps individuals enter the dental assisting job market with learned skills and office experience. The Dental Learning Resource, LLC and the 4Learning Group, LLC are educational companies developed by Dr. Robbins to offer complete dental assisting learning materials and aids and other medical programs. This educational material can assist other educators in their schools and institutions to help their students learn in an interesting and concise manner.

CHEP Mtg 0309 (1)Dr. Robbins is currently developing programs to teach dentists and other dental health professionals how to best manage a BioSafe Dental Practice.